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Smart Customer Decisioning for Online Financial Services

Acquire More Customers, Reduce Friction, Verify and Protect Accounts, and Decrease Online Fraud

As a growing number of consumers embrace mobile and online banking, lending, investing, and insurance, finding new customers and protecting them against fraud has never been so critical – or so challenging.

In today’s new normal, consumers want fast, convenient, and secure mobile and online financial services–or forget about it. The ability to transact, open new accounts, take out a mortgage, manage investments, or obtain auto insurance with touch-and-swipe simplicity is imperative in a world where the first brand to say “yes” usually wins.

Poor Identity Resolution Holds Back Innovation

For financial services organizations, acquiring the most highly-coveted customers, streamlining the user experience, and delivering instantaneous digital services can be daunting. Especially when you’re contending with $16.9 billion in annual losses from fraudulent account openings and takeovers, according to Javelin Research.

ADARA Is The Answer

Starting with a deep understanding of your existing customers and prospects, ADARA augments proprietary data with global shared intelligence spanning numerous industries to sharpen identity resolution based on real-time behavioral analysis.

With more than 1 billion unique and accurate digital identities in-network, ADARA delivers the insight you need for:

  • Highly-targeted marketing and search
  • Dynamic confidence and trust scores for identity verification
  • Predictive risk assessments for fraud prevention

Smarter Decisions, Better Business Outcomes

With ADARA, accurate, informed decisioning is powered by real-time intelligence, advanced analytics, and modern machine learning so you can:

  • Personalize digital marketing: Real-time identity data enables you to find more of your best customers using the DMP and DSP of your choice
  • Enhance search performance: Optimized data signals in Google or Bing increase your reach through lookalike audiences and refined targeting
  • Prevent fraudulent account openings: Deterministic identity and behavioral data sniffs out bad actors attempting to open accounts or take out loans using stolen or synthetic credit
  • Block account takeovers: Cross-industry identity and transaction data helps confirm the legitimacy of profile changes to protect your customers and brand
  • Neutralize insurance fraud: Advanced analytics identify fraudulent policy applications, ghost brokers, and fraudulent claims

Fast and Frictionless

Most important of all, ADARA enables you to instantly recognize legitimate customers, so you can eliminate friction, personalize the customer experience, and deliver the ease, speed, and security today’s digital consumer demands.

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