Display Advertising

Add an Intelligence Layer to Boost Display Campaign Performance

Leverage Real-Time Audience Segments and Intent Data to Exceed Your Campaign Objectives

Leverage highly actionable, real-time intent, and transaction data to deliver personalized products and messages across all stages of the customer journey.

With ADARA Cortex, you gain access to 6,000+ audiences that will take your display effectiveness and efficiency to new heights. Cortex integrates directly into the channel of your choice to deliver identity-based customer segmentation powered by over 1 billion digital identities.

You will be able to leverage our intent and transactional data throughout the funnel:

Top of the Funnel

When running awareness campaigns, display is the perfect complement to video and rich content formats, both in programmatic buying as well as social media.

ADARA Cortex’s audiences can help you identify customers and personalize the message in your preferred channel to attract them to your website.

Bottom of the Funnel

Display is the format that makes the biggest impact in this part of the funnel, as your customers begn to decide on a transaction. Making the intelligence that you leverage to understand who your customers are and what your customers want critical to the success of your display campaigns.

That is why our clients leverage ADARA’s Cortex platform, powered by over 1 billion digital identities, to achieve a higher conversion rate through display advertising.

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