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The digital economy is booming. But, Account Takeover Fraud, an online version of identity theft, has created huge liabilities to customers and brands alike as they engage in the digital economy. How can you deliver a seamless digital experience without compromising the security of your customers and your brand? At ADARA, we know the answer is digital identity.

The digital economy has risen in meteoric fashion, increasing by billions of dollars year-over-year across virtually every industry. While this rapid expansion represents a huge opportunity for enterprises, it also opens the door for fraudsters that want to hijack your customer’s accounts, create fraudulent transactions, and cause large scale data breaches. In fact, according to Consumer Affairs, Account Takeover Fraud has risen by as much as 79% year-over-year in recent years. Representing 10s of billions of dollars in fraudulent transactions.

Undoubtedly, the key to success in this digital economy is to facilitate seamless digital customer experiences without compromising the security of your customers or your brand. Welcoming your verified prospects and customers to their digital profiles without added friction. But, how do you confirm the identity of your customers online? The key is digital identity. Moving past static credentials or relying on 2-factor authentication methods to understand the digital identity behind each login, transaction, or profile change.

That’s why ADARA built the Digital Recognition Framework. This framework is comprised of two key signals—the trust score and the confidence score—that work together to establish the legitimacy of the digital identity behind a given authentication request.

Leveraging these signals enables you to:

  • Recognize and stop bad actors seeking to hijack your customers’ accounts
  • Reserve step-ups for the 1% to 2% of all logins warranting additional scrutiny
  • Deliver a seamless experience on logins and transactions for trusted customers

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