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The death of the cookie is delayed – but the writing’s on the wall

After a year and a half of COVID restrictions, economic turmoil and cuts to marketing budgets, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel and a chance for marketers to return to something like ‘normal’. Vaccination programs in many parts of the world are entering their final stages and restrictions across Europe and North America are easing.

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Personalization and the Importance of Privacy for Brands In the Post Cookie Landscape

As all marketers know, personalization is critical for brands – both in acquiring new customers and driving further value from existing ones. With the emergence of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and 5G, that enable highly targeted marketing to different audiences, it is clear that brands need to personalize messages in order to stand out and connect with consumers in this increasingly competitive space.

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The Third-Party Cookie: Live to Die Another Day

The Google Chrome team (more specifically the Privacy Sandbox team) has just announced that they need more time to develop the Privacy Sandbox solution in order to phase out the third-party cookie. It’s no small delay either as they need almost 2 years on top of the previous “beginning of 2022” timeline, bringing the phase out to the end of 2023.

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What now? – Consented Data

Apple’s move with Privacy Relay has started the ball rolling on fading out the IP Address as a means to identify an individual’s location. Both Ad Exchanges and Publishers will start recording at best “approximate” IP addresses and a Location Vendor’s ability to map them to points of interest will be next to futile.

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Location, Location, Location!

Last week at WWDC, Apple announced the iCloud Private Relay, “an iCloud+ service that prevents networks and servers from monitoring a person’s activity across the internet”. Essentially, it is a feature that adds an additional layer of privacy protection to Safari browsing on iOS15.

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Preparing for the Digital Apocalypse

You may have seen popups on Facebook this winter asking you to opt-in to ad tracking. These messages were shown because Facebook is worried that they won’t be able to collect data on their app users across iPhones.

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Why a replacement to third party cookies is key to post-pandemic recovery

As the UK (hopefully) starts to close the door on COVID-19 restrictions on June 21st, financial brands are gearing up for a much-anticipated return to normalcy. While the timeline for a full recovery is unknown, mass vaccination efforts are gaining momentum with the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, declaring this week that the UK government has administered at least one shot of the vaccine to 72% of the adult population.

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Prepare for rising demand by using data to target potential customers

As COVID-19 vaccinations become more widely available, countries around the world have started to announce the easing of travel restrictions. The UK has unveiled its traffic light system, France has said that it is going to open its border to tourists in May, and the media has recently talked up the possibility of the UK/US travel corridor this summer.

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Adara’s Commitment To Tourism Runs Deep

I recently joined Adara after more than a decade at Visit Savannah, where I was most recently Director of Data Intelligence. If you’re a destination marketer, you know that our community is relatively tight-knit. If you heard any of the rumors in the past year that I did, you might be wondering why I made the switch.

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