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How brands can move forward as third-party cookies are phased out

While the pandemic might seem like the only issue that should worry airline and hotel business leaders, there is another ongoing story that could further derail the industry: the death of the third-party cookie.

In this recent byline in, Carolyn Corda, CMO & CCO at Adara looks at one of the biggest challenges facing travel marketers today and suggests three methods by which marketers can adapt to the new digital ecosystem.

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There is a tremendous appetite for revenge travel in Asia

Check out the latest byline by Carolyn Corda, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Commercial Officer of ADARA, as she discusses the travel trends in Asia and how brands and marketers are navigating a cookieless future in this #CMOZone interview with MartechAsia.

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Google Proves that Travel Marketers Need a New Targeting Strategy

Travel marketers might read the news about Google Chrome deciding to push their phase-out of third-party cookies by nearly two years with a sense of relief. That timing means that the industry is now looking at flipping the switch from mid-2023 to late 2023, both far but also relatively close to Chrome’s initial goal of the “beginning of 2022”.

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How data sharing can give brands confidence

Over the past year and a half, two stories have dominated the minds and work of financial marketers: the COVID-19 pandemic and the death of the third-party cookie. While the pandemic has forever changed consumer habits, Google’s decision to phase out the use of third-party cookies on Chrome will mean that it will be harder for marketers to track and understand these changes.

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What the loss of third party cookies means for financial brands

Over the last 26 years, financial brands have used third-party cookies to fuel digital marketing strategies. Tracking people from website to website across the web, third-party cookies inform marketing campaigns, allowing financial institutions to create highly personalized ads based on user patterns and behavior.

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Novice Travelers Are Spending Big, Offering Opportunities for Smart Brands

The rise of Novice Travelers is turning the travel loyalty pyramid on its head – traditionally, the people that have been most important were seasoned travelers. This year, Novice Travelers are spending on luxury travel to destinations like Miami, Hawaii and Las Vegas, and are choosing luxurious hotels at record rates.

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Investing in Confidence

Finance marketers are presented with a much-changed landscape since the one they knew before the world shut down. Gearing up for a post-covid and post-tracking world is no mean feat, especially when finance regulations around data and marketing are added to these general industry challenges. 

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Why Data Is Crucial to the Success of Travel Companies Post-Lockdown

If the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic was the hallmark of 2020, the global vaccine rollout is shaping up to be the defining development of 2021. While this has instilled a new sense of hope across the globe, the emergence of new Covid-19 variants underscores the fact that we are not completely out of the woods yet.

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