Understanding the Secret Lives of Top Tier Travelers

Uncover search and booking behaviors of loyalty members.

Travel brands have been at a disadvantage with only a very limited view of their consumers’ behavior beyond their own brand. To provide the relevance consumers demand, it is critical that brands do as much as they can to understand the entire picture of their search and booking behavior, and use those insights to improve one-to-one communication.

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Unique research provides new early-warning indicators in shifts in brand affection that reveal opportunities for brands to refine their messaging and approach as they operate in a competitive market.


Key Insights You Will Learn

ADARA analyzed data from 16 million consumers who booked air and hotel travel and are part of at least one loyalty program, between May and July in 2018. The data compares the behaviors of loyalty members as they plan and purchase travel. ADARA researched “basic” loyalty members, those in the first tier of a loyalty program, and “top-tier” members, who have earned a higher tier status with at least one loyalty program.

Airline Brand Affinity

17% of all elite airline loyalty members belong to more than one loyalty program.

Hotel Brand Affinity

26% of all elite hotel loyalty members belong to more than one loyalty program.

Multiple Searches

Approximately 50% of all elite airline and hotel loyalty members searched more than one brand before booking.

Begin to Understand the Top Tier Traveler!

Understand their secret lives and uncover search and booking behaviors.