Digital Recognition Framework

Establishing Trust Between Customers and Businesses Through Digital Identity

Distinguish Verified Customers and Prospects from Bad Actors in Real-Time

ADARA analyzes billions of data points across transactions, businesses, and industries to determine the legitimacy of the digital identity behind any given transaction.

The Digital Recognition Framework, powered by the over 1 billion digital identities sourced from ADARA’s global data consortiums, connects you with the digital identity behind any given login, transaction, application, profile change, etc.

Analyzing the over 22 billion data elements within the ADARA Identity Graph, we effectively pinpoint the digital identity associated with your transaction and generate verification signals for this transaction–all in real-time, without added friction to your customer. 

This framework is comprised of two key signals—the trust score and the confidence score—that work together to establish the legitimacy of the digital identity behind a given authentication request.

Through ADARA’s Digital Recognition Framework, you can:

  • Differentiate between trusted customers and fraudsters
  • Reduce step-ups by reserving them for identities that warrant additional scrutiny
  • Deliver a seamless digital experience for trusted customers

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