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Unify Your Programmatic Media Platforms and Take Your Message Where Your Customers Are

With ADARA’s Cortex Solutions, you can secure your omni-channel programmatic marketing presence with an audience solution that does not rely on 3rd party cookies. 

Cortex offers 6,000+ permissioned, platform-agnostic segments that enable:

  • Identity-based data segmentation and analytics
  • Personalized programmatic messaging across all major platforms
  • The unification of your segmentation across Display, Video, Social, and Search Engine Marketing

Only ADARA Cortex Solutions provide permissioned, identity-based data solutions that transcend all of your programmatic marketing channels.

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Graduate from a Point-Solution Digital Customer Engagement by Synchronizing Your Programmatic Segmentation

Cortex Search

Search Engine Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be a Black Box

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