ADARA Releases First Travel Report on Japan

24 August 2017

In-depth research and interpretation of travel data helps marketers paint a holistic picture of the travel market in Japan

​Palo Alto, California (August 24, 2017) – ADARA, the world’s travel data co-op, released today a comprehensive complimentary travel report on Japan with insights to help marketers capitalize on traveler patterns and activities within the Japanese travel market. With Japanese tourism continuing to grow and with a boom in hotel investments to accommodate the influx of domestic and international travelers, Japan has a very healthy market, which travel marketers need to plan for. The data, collected from the ADARA data co-op, measures both inbound and outbound traveler behavior from Japan from June 1, 2016 – May 31, 2017 and underscores the potential of the country’s booming travel economy.

​ADARA’s travel data co-op, comprised of search, booking and loyalty data from more than 500 million monthly unique travelers from +175 of the world’s top travel brands, is uniquely positioned to offer insights into Japan’s sizeable travel market, particularly as the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo approach. With local data partners including Peach and Vanilla Air along with other top global travel brands including United Airlines, American Airlines and Marriott, the platform provides data to show the prominent behaviors of the Japanese traveler.

​“Our country report provides invaluable insights and marketing strategy for travel brands operating into, within and out of Japan,” says Layton Han, CEO of ADARA. “We connect the dots of all the data points to provide a better understanding of data, analytics, insight and measurement to create a 360-degree portrait of travelers, which is turnkey for marketers and advertisers to make informed decisions.”

​Atmosphere Research, ADARA’s research partner, estimates there are approximately 84.4 million adult Japanese online leisure travelers and 50 million business travelers alone. ADARA’s platform helps marketers sharpen strategies to narrow down relevant audiences to increase results and exposure by allowing brands to customize messaging based on searching and shopping behaviors.

​Key findings of the report include:

Tokyo is the top inbound flight destination, but hotel stays are spread across Japan

  • More than 71% of the flights to Japan booked on the websites within ADARA’s ecosystem are to Tokyo – the two other top air destinations are Osaka and Nagoya
  • Japan’s three largest markets for hotel bookings by international visitors are Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, collectively attracting just over 70% of the hotel reservations.

Majority of Japanese airline passengers and hotel guests are solo travelers

  • 64% of Japanese air passengers were individuals, couples accounted for 24% and families 12%
  • 61% of hotel guests are solo travelers, 28% couples, 11% families

Leisure guests may be more profitable audience than business travelers

  • 68% of Japanese airline passengers fly for personal or leisure purposes
  • Leisure guests pay an average of $196/night compared to $189/night for business guests

Key Implications:

  • Brands need to use insights to better tailor campaigns for a greater ROI
  • Travel sellers that want to attract more Japanese business travelers need campaigns that can demonstrate how their products and services can serve traveler’s immediate needs and contribute to the traveler’s professional success
  • Marketing campaigns intended to appeal to Japanese travelers should anticipate the traveler may book a trip almost a season ahead.

For more information view the complete Japan Country Report here.

In the coming months, ADARA will release additional reports on Germany, United Kingdom, North America and Singapore.


ADARA is the world’s travel data co-op providing a unique holistic understanding of travel patterns, trends and behavior. It’s a safe and secure way to share and analyze historical and real time data about more than 500 million monthly unique traveler profiles from more than 175 of the world’s top travel businesses. The ADARA data co-op fuels three core business areas: Advertising, Measurement & Analytics and Traveler Intelligence. Together they provide unparalleled access to insights and knowledge allowing travel marketers to increase marketing efficiency, maximize revenues and grow their brands.