The Evolution of the Business Traveler Report by ADARA

20 March 2017

ADARA’s Magellan Platform, which leverages more than 500 million monthly uniques, 9 billion annual searches and 500 million annual transactions, conducted two deep dive analyses into business traveler behavior in November 2014 and November 2016, and determined the shifting behavioral trends within the market.

The key takeaways to help marketers target business travelers include:

  • Although many companies are being cost-conscious about business travel, there is an increasing number of business travelers who book premium airline tickets and accommodation.
  • Travelers are becoming increasingly comfortable with mobile bookings.
  • US business travelers are more likely to travel internationally than they were two years ago, which is linked to a higher consumption of luxury travel.
  • Marketers have almost an entire month to reach business travelers from the time they make their first search until they depart on their trip.

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