ADARA Impact Suite Of Products Available Globally

6 November 2016

Singapore Tourism Board and Tourism Spain First to Benefit from Global Roll Out​

Palo Alto, California, November 7th, 2016 – ADARA, the world’s travel data co-operative, has made its Impact Suite available to destinations outside North America for the first time. Two of the first international destinations to have activated are The Singapore Tourism Board and Tourism Spain.​

ADARA’s Impact suite of analytics products provide destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and tourism board customers increased traveler intelligence, a holistic view of website effectiveness, insight into real travel outcomes and crucially, an ability to optimize marketing spend.

The analytics solutions uniquely combine the world’s largest set of first party travel data and performance tracking across vendors and campaigns to inform marketing strategies for DMOs and tourism board partners. By identifying actionable insights including traveler origin markets, search to booking windows, and spend on hotel nights ADARA is able to help DMOs and tourism boards determine how to allocate their budget to achieve optimum results.

ADARA Site Impact and ADARA Media Impact have seen tremendous success since their US launch in late 2015 and have already been adopted by more than 20% of potential customers in North America, including Discover Los Angeles, the Virginia Tourism Corporation, and the Bermuda Tourism Authority, to attract and grow visitation to the respective destinations.

Ted Sullivan, Vice President of Tourism and Resort Analytics at ADARA, said: “It has been a hugely successful year for both ADARA Site Impact and ADARA Media Impact and we are excited to be rolling the solutions out globally. With ADARA’s Impact Suite optimizing and in turn encouraging travel marketing spend, the travel industry as a whole benefits.”

Case Studies

Idaho Tourism Board:

In an effort to better understand how to attract and grow visitation to Idaho from high-value business and leisure travelers, Idaho Tourism turned to ADARA. During Idaho Tourism’s 2015 summer and fall campaign, ADARA utilized real-time travel searches and bookings, combined with media campaign data, to deliver new and compelling insights and travel outcomes that will guide Idaho Tourism’s future marketing strategy, optimize media spend, and streamline budget allocation. As a result, ADARA Impact helped Idaho Tourism to gain a deep level of understanding and knowledge of the travelers previously not available to destination and tourism boards.

Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau:

In order to attract high-value visitors to the city and increase tourism, Bloomington CVB turned to ADARA Site Impact, to provide them with a holistic view of customer searches for the city and the surrounding area. ADARA conducted an in-depth analysis of first and third party data between May and June 2016, to provide Bloomington with a comprehensive view of their typical visitor and the amount they spend though the website. ADARA solution also successfully identified areas of opportunity for Bloomington to optimize its website and reach high-value visitors for the city: those that spend more money, stay longer and embrace all that Bloomington has to offer. Overall ADARA Site Impact helped attribute $315,000 in hotel revenue and nearly 1,200 in bookings to the website.


ADARA leverages global proprietary travel data to deliver increased business performance through their innovative platform, and exceptional team. ADARA’s Magellan platform transforms loyalty, search and booking data into actionable insight allowing companies to better understand, reach and engage customers. Magellan is fueled by first-party data from over 100 global travel brands, including United, Delta, Hyatt, Marriott and Hertz. Founded in 2009, ADARA currently has 19 offices across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, including its headquarters in Palo Alto, California.