Reach the right customers and prospects with viable knowledge


The ADARA Magellan travel intelligence platform empowers brands with the ability to reach their most valued customers and prospects across multiple devices, while delivering actionable knowledge to drive personalized marketing and better advertising decisions.

Only the ADARA Magellan platform delivers a full view of a traveler’s purchase behavior, providing advertisers with unique insights that directly increase future campaign effectiveness.


On-Demand Access
Magellan’s self-service campaign management functionality brings the knowledge of running hundreds of thousands of campaigns to an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for agencies working with global brands, independent hoteliers and other types of clients. Within minutes, marketers can engage consumers with relevant messages through Magellan’s effective targeting capabilities.


Better Decision Making

The ADARA Magellan platform helps marketers make intelligent, informed decisions about how to reach customers with the right messages at the right time. In addition to granular campaign performance reporting, the platform provides deep customer insights that can be used to personalize and shape marketing campaigns.


Cross Channel Reach
The ADARA Magellan platform extends beyond the web to engage buyers on mobile phones, tablets, social media and video. With Magellan, marketers can reach targeted audiences with relevant, timely messages across devices.