​Mapping digital marketing investments to destination revenue

Finally, destination marketers and tourism boards can connect their marketing campaigns to revenue spent in the market, justifying their overall investment and business impact, or ROI.

The ADARA Impact suite of analytics solutions helps DMOs measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts by precision mapping media campaigns and website visitors to ADARA’s broad ecosystem of travel data, demonstrating the value and ROI of these investments.

Optimize your marketing strategy

With an in-depth look into your customers’ travel behaviors through ADARA Impact, you can strategically tailor your messaging and offers to target unique segments, driving more bookings and higher conversions. Use ADARA Impact to access insights no other technology can provide:

  • Understand the value of your online marketing investments and drivers of higher booking rates.
  • Gain advanced knowledge of your high-value visitors, how they book, how much they spend, and more.
  • Explore untapped opportunities to increase market share and visitation by identifying the most lucrative origin markets and competitive destinations.​

These insights, backed by ADARA’s visibility into search and booking behavior across the traveler ecosystem, inform your marketing strategies and pinpoint priority channels for future investment.

ADARA Media Impact

ADARA Media Impact measures digital media sources, identifies overlaps between media partners, and reveals the types of travelers that respond to your campaigns and visit your destination.

​Idaho Tourism used ADARA Media Impact to quantify the most effective return on their digital marketing campaigns across display, social and promotional channels, allowing the DMO to optimize media spend and streamline budget allocation to reach highest value travelers.

Download the full ADARA Media Impact case study

ADARA Site Impact​

ADARA Site Impact measures website influence on travel purchase behavior and provides advanced knowledge of the types of travelers who visit your site and your destination.

In a recent study, ADARA Site Impact helped the Bloomington, Minnesota, Convention & Visitors Bureau gain unprecedented insight into its website effectiveness, visitors and potential travelers, guiding future website strategy and content.

Download the full ADARA Site Impact case study