As if someone walked into a travel agency.

It used to be easier for marketers. When someone bought a suit at a store, the salesperson knew what color tie they’d need. If a person bought a flight, the travel agent was there to sell them a room reservation.

Today, consumers are on the web and their mobile devices and so are more of your ad dollars. ADARA is working with data partners to put you directly in front of those buyers once again, while keeping their identities private.

Make the switch from implied data to explicit data.

Our digital campaigns work because we precisely deliver the right message to the right consumers at the right time. For example, we know when someone needs a hotel – using real transactional and intent data, while most advertisers guess who needs one based on browsing behavior – implied information.

Know what people need to buy.

Because of direct relationships with data partners, ADARA knows who needs a hotel. Who is looking at a sun or ski vacation. Who needs a credit card. Who needs a rental car. Flat out, the ADARA Magellan platform unlocks the data allowing brands to reach consumers who are in the market to buy something.

The data is real and enduring, and it taps into anonymous purchase and profile information. After creating criteria and refining to a specific target, the ADARA Magellan platform gets you directly in front of specific customers – connecting you with the people you want to reach. It’s all about pinpointing customers.