March 30, 2016

ADARA Launches Traveler Value Score

ADARA Traveler Value Score Is the First Ever Metric to Provide Insight Into the Full Potential Value of a Traveler

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, March 30th, 2016 – ADARA, the global travel data platform, today unveils ADARA Traveler Value Score, a new metric that measures the potential value of a customer based on their travel spending over time.​

Drawing on ADARA’s unique access to billions of search, booking and loyalty data points from the world’s largest travel companies, ADARA Traveler Value Score is a single number that represents a customer’s capacity to spend on travel.​

It provides:

  • Complete visibility into a traveler’s true revenue potential
  • A new lens for better decision-making based on travelers’ explicit behaviors and implied needs
  • Insight into share of travel spend with your customers and the ability to measure their engagement with your brand over time

Layton Han, CEO of ADARA said, “We are proud to launch ADARA Traveler Value Score, to help travel suppliers gain a much deeper understanding of their customers. Travel executives and marketers only have insight into their customers to the extent they interact with their own brands; ADARA Traveler Value Score gives them a broader lens into their customers’ revenue potential.”

He concluded, “We believe ADARA Traveler Value Score provides an industry defining metric - a comprehensive view of the traveler never available before, which allows a full understanding of the value of a traveler over time. It’s a score that only ADARA could have developed, thanks to our unique, global data set - and we are proud to introduce it to the industry.”

About ADARA Traveler Value Score

ADARA Traveler Value Score brings together unique data points from more than 90 of the biggest travel companies worldwide to create and power a comprehensive view of travelers, based on a diverse set of travel related planning and booking behaviors.

There are many applications for travel providers – examples include:

  • Identify high scoring customers with low loyalty status to tailor your offers to engage and increase your share of their travel spend
  • Evolve customer lifetime value models based on knowledge that goes beyond demographic data and customer interactions with your brand
  • Analyze customer acquisitions by applying the score across referral channels – search, OTAs, metasearch, display, email – to determine which delivers the customers you value the most and adjust your marketing spend accordingly

Scott Garner, ADARA’s President of Data & Analytics said, “ADARA Traveler Value Score is ground-breaking. This new metric will enable travel marketers to understand their share of travel spend from existing customers and measure the quality of the customer being reached. They can integrate ADARA Traveler Value Score across their business to power overall customer strategies, deliver relevant, tailored experiences and discover new customer segments that will bring long-term value to their brand.


ADARA leverages global proprietary travel data to deliver increased business performance through their innovative platform, and exceptional team. ADARA’s Magellan platform transforms loyalty, search and booking data into actionable insight allowing companies to better understand, reach and engage customers. Magellan is fueled by first-party data from 90+ global travel partners, including United, Delta, Hyatt, Marriott and Hertz. Founded in 2009, ADARA currently has 19 offices across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, including its headquarters in Mountain View, California.


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